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Current LP Gas Program

LP Gas Programs


“SCHEDULED DELIVERY” allows us to schedule your delivery along with others in your area. This allows us to be more efficient and also gives you peace of mind as we monitor your tank level using a degree day system. Patrons on the Scheduled Delivery Program will also get five cents off the regular will-call price.


“The BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN” is a program to allow you to extend your heating costs over a twelve month period. The amount of your monthly payment is determined by taking your annual heating cost and dividing it by twelve. The BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN applies only to the heating bills. It does not apply to merchandise or service calls. You may start with the plan at any time but it is important to note that your account must be paid in full and you must have a minimum of 200 gallons in your tank before your first budget payment is due. All deliveries will be billed at the current days propane price with a cap price set each year. Budget plan customers get an automatic five cents per gallon off the daily will-call price.


The Northern Star Cooperative is offering propane contracting for its patrons. This is an option where you can purchase a chosen number of gallons during the summer to be delivered through-out the heating season. You must pay for the gallons and have the signed contract returned to the office by the August deadline to lock in the contract price. Contract gallons are delivered from September 1st to April 30th. The minimum amount that you can contract for a year is 400 gallons. The contract gallon price will be released each July.