Northern Star Cooperative Services delivers quality CENEX propane and propane services to farm, home and commercial customers. We offer 24-hour emergency delivery and leak response service at each of our locations.

Order Placement:

To place an online propane order, please click here.

To place a propane order by telephone, please call (800) 864-3767.

Delivery Options:

Scheduled Delivery: Our drivers and computer software track your propane usage history and predict when your tank will need to be filled, therefore, reducing the risk of your tank running low or out of propane. For our customers with consistent usage, this program in conjunction with our Prepaid Contracting or Budget Pay programs are the most effective way of managing both your deliveries and your heating budget. Customers must have approved credit or use the Prepaid Contracting program to select this option.

Will Call Delivery: For our customers that have inconsistent usage or those customers who like to manage when their deliveries are made, this option will work best. In choosing this option, you will be responsible to monitor your tank level and place an order when your tank level approaches 20%.

Propane Cost Management Programs:

Summer Fill Program: During the month of June each year, Northern Star Cooperative Services offers its customers the opportunity to fill their tanks at which is generally the lowest price of the year. Customers must have their accounts in good standing and be able to accept a minimum delivery of 200 gallons to participate.

Prepaid Contract: In late July or early August each year, our customers are given the opportunity to prepay for their estimated propane needs for the coming winter season. In most cases, this is the most cost-effective means to manage one’s annual heating budget. Full prepay and partial prepay contracts are available.

Budget Program: By signing up for our Budget Program during the summer months and keeping current on their monthly payments, customers will receive a guarantee that their propane price will not go above a certain price for the coming winter. This brings peace of mind; especially during times of volatility in the energy markets.

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