Long Prairie Convenience Store

The Long Prairie CENEX Convenience Store in Long Prairie is located at 904 1st Ave NE. There are gasoline and diesel pumps for your convenience with easy access for your car, truck, semi, camper or vehicles pulling trailers. All pumps are accessible 24 hours a day with any major credit card. 

Fueling: We offer 24-hour fueling of our high-quality Top Tier CENEX gasoline in 3 grades: Unleaded, Super Unleaded and Non-Oxygenated Premium.

On the diesel island, we offer the highly rated CENEX Roadmaster Premium Diesel for our on-road users and their high-quality dyed diesel fuel for those off-road jobs.

We also have propane to take care of your grilling, cooking and RV needs with a cylinder fill station and 100 lb. cylinder exchange.

Food Service: Once you enter our store you will experience a world of service from our friendly and hardworking staff. We feature Godfather’s Pizza and Sandwiches, ready-made burgers and variety of fried food appetizers. This is in addition to the delicious bakery offerings we have for you.

General Merchandise: We know that your time is important to you, so we do our best to make our store a one-stop shop. In addition to food and beverages, our express center offers a wide selection of grocery items, automobile accessories, gifts, souvenirs and more.

Clean and Modern Restrooms: We know that cleanliness is important to you, so we pay particular attention to the cleanliness of our restrooms.

The Long Prairie Convenience Store phone number is (320) 732-6670 and Lisa Decker is our store manager. You can find us and like us on Facebook @NorthernstarCENEX-LongPrairie.