Delivery Options

Scheduled Delivery

Only customers who are year-round users using propane as their primary heat source and have an approved credit application on file qualify for this program. A computer program that projects propane usage using daily temperatures and constant load factors enables us to make periodic deliveries to customer tanks when our truck is near your residence or business, which is why we offer a 5 cents per gallon discount.

Will-Call Delivery

This option is available for customers who do not qualify or do not want Regular Scheduled Delivery. Will-call customers must call our office/submit an order online in order for our drivers to fill their tank. 

The customer must give adequate notice (3-5 business days). Please call when your tank is between 20-30%. If the customer fails to give adequate notice, they are subject to a trip charge in order to pull a driver off their daily route.

Julian Delivery

The Julian Delivery program is for customers who want their tanks filled by time rather than degree days. An example of this would be a seasonal cabin in which the customer wants the cabin filled in the spring and in the fall of the year. Julian Delivery schedules can be adapted in most cases to fit the needs of the individual customer. Customers on this program must allow the drive to fill their tank when the delivery is made. Customers must have approved credit and keep their account current in order to remain on this program.