Cenex Lubricants

Northern Star Cooperative Services is proud to offer a full line of high quality Cenex-branded lubricants for every use. Whether you need product for home, auto, farm, industry, or recreation, we've got you covered!

Packaged Products

We carry a large variety of Cenex-branded products to fit your needs. From quart-sized bottles to 55-gallon drums, from diesel engine oil to two-cycle oil, we've got you covered! 

Bulk Lubricants

Does your equipment have a large appetite? If so, Northern Star Co-op can set up your shop or business to serve you best!

Learn More

For more information and pricing on our full line of Cenex products, please contact our Energy Sales Specialist, Tim Hron, at 800-864-3767 ext. 108.

Tim is an award-winning Energy Sales Specialist with a special understanding of the products he promotes.